Partners &



Jaya Todai, CEO

My Role

Brand build out, Illustration,
Web Layout, Animation

About the Project

I created the website and brand identity for a new database proposal at SOCAP '18. The project aims to connect grassroots organizations to major funders based on values. 


The Site

I  structured the site around core concepts of the database - filtering and aligning values, exploring and developing relationships, and equity.

Simple graphics were used to keep the emphasis on the content and relationships. Animations were built to make sure potential users would understand how the database would integrate values into the site. 

The equity component also featured information which educates potential users on how best to integrate equity-based design principles into their practice.


Logo and Brand

The design emphasized the ampersand as a way of focusing on the unity which the program aims to foster. Supplementary materials like business cards were created to extend the brand.

BusinessCard_P&S copy.png